Ruins, rock formations and rain!

The highlight of the past few days has to be the incredible scenery we’ve been treated to on our journey through Argentina. As we approached the Quilmes ruins, the landscape changed and we appeared to have entered cactus country!

The Quilmes ruins date back to 850 AD when the Quilmes people settled there. It is thought that 5,000 people lived there. They faced invasions by the Incas in 15th century then by the Spaniards who they fought off for 130 years. However, eventually they were defeated by the Spanish in 1667 and were forced to walk 1,200km to Buenos Aires. Over half of the remaining 2,000 Quilmes people who walked to Buenos Aires died on the way there. In 2009, the decendants of the Quilmes people regained possesion of the land where the ruins are and they are now involved tourism in the area.

(Photo below by Vincent - it was too hot for Sam and I to venture up the hill!)

After a couple of days in the wine region of Cafayate we headed to Quebrada de las Conchas. We were able to sit on the top seats of the truck for this drive which was amazing! (Photo below by Jordan, Sam and I are front left as you look at the truck).

The rock formations are absolutely incredible in this area.

We made a couple of stops along the way and visited a natural ampitheatre...

... and the ‘Devil’s Throat’ rock formation. This is a bit of an optical illusion as you’ll see in the photo below that it looks like a hole in the ground, but in reality you’re looking up at it.

After this stunning drive we headed to Salta where it rained all night. Today we’ve enjoyed a day of horse riding and yet another incredible barbecue, although the rain meant that a few roads were closed and the ‘path’ that we took with the horses was more of a raging river! I didn’t get a photo of it at its deepest (due to holding on for dear life), but here are a few photos from the ride.