Perito Moreno Glacier

The photo above shows my favourite bit of the 97 square mile Perito Moreno glacier (or at least what it looked like yesterday) because I thought it looked like a lady looking out. As Sam said yesterday though, my photos are already out of date - we saw so much ice melt off and fall into the lake yesterday. Some of the chunks were so big they created waves!

The front of the glacier is 40m high, although the average height above the water is 74m, and it is 30km long.

Between 1968 and 1988, 32 people were killed at the glacier from falling ice so we made sure we stuck to the walkways. We did see a couple of people on the glacier though!

We took a boat trip and saw some huge bits of ice falling from this ice cave/arch.

As with other areas in Patagonia, the glacier had created some interesting rock formations.

We had a great day at Perito Moreno and can see why it’s such a popular attraction in Patagonia (it’s a great drive there too).