Making hay while the sun shines

The more we travel, the more we truly understand the meaning of sayings and proverbs, and this weekend was all about making hay while the sun shines! We had a brilliant time on Tom and Julia’s farm in the Hawke’s Bay region. Unlike the other farms we’ve visited on this trip, this one has been passed down through the generations. It was really interesting to see what a difference this makes and the farm has had (and continues to have) lots of long term plans. It was also interesting to hear how much technology has changed farming since Tom’s grandfather’s day.

We were surprised to see how much technology there is in dairy farming. The cows are microchipped and are automatically scanned as they go into a revolving milking machine. The machine will then know which cow is in each compartment so that everything can be recorded. The cows have nutrition plans and if they see that one cow needs extra nutrients, this will be added to the feed that they have whilst they are being milked.

The highlight of Sam’s weekend was getting to work on the tractor and accompanying Tom as he bailed hay.

We enjoyed a lovely walk around the farm’s grounds. A proportion of the land, although owned by Tom and his family, has been left to revert back to its natural state in line with an agreement with The Crown. It was a beautiful place to explore with so much native wildlife.

The farm itself, along with the house (originally built by Tom’s grandfather) was stunning.

Thanks, Tom and Julia, for a brilliant weekend!