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Lake Hauroko tramp

Reaching depths of 462 metres (and being below sea level in places), Lake Hauroko is New Zealand’s deepest lake.  It is one of many lakes that are linked between southern Fiordland to halfway up the South Island.  Its shape was carved out by glaciers, but this can really only be appreciated from above.  So we decided to embark on the ‘Lookout Bluff’ hike (or ‘tramp’ as a hike is known as in New Zealand).  It is described as a ‘steep and rough climb’ that ‘passes through a dense tangle of trees and undergrowth’... they weren’t wrong there!

But despite the tiny bit of moaning I did on the way up, it was completely worth it for the view at the top.

A note to anyone thinking of doing this hike: it is at the end of a 30km unsealed road that takes about 45 minutes to drive along.  Prepare for a bumpy ride and a lot of dust!  There is a good free camping site nearby though.

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