Humpback whales, penguins and sea lions in Ushuaia

Despite a rather stressful start to our time in Argentina involving a mix up with which airport we were meant to be at on Christmas Day, we arrived safely in Ushuaia and are already having an incredible time. Having searched Norway and New Zealand for whales with no luck, we finally saw some humpback whales!

Humpback whales travel from their breeding grounds as far south as Antarctica (up to 8000km).

We also saw lots of magellanic penguins.

There were hundreds of cormorants too - they can dive to 50m in 40 seconds!

There was a very noisy sea lion colony too!

Our accommodation has been great - below is the view from our Airbnb apartment at 4.30am!

Now we're all packed up and ready to start our truck adventure!