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Gauchos, riding and climbing

After spending three days on a huge estancia (6,500 acres to be precise) we have certainly learnt a lot about the gaucho way of life! I enjoyed learning how to horse ride gaucho-style. This involves a lot of slouching, holding the reins in one hand and pulling them from left to right over a certain point of the horse’s neck to make it turn (and boy, do they have good turning circles!)

Meanwhile, Sam learnt how to do a fantastic Argentinian barbecue and won a bottle of champagne for his lassoing skills!

We also enjoyed a spot of climbing. It was really tough as we were in the sun all day and were climbing on conglomerate rock (which we hadn’t climbed on before... and will avoid in the future!) But it was a good challenge.

We’re very limited on WiFi on this trip so we’re having to squish quite a lot into this blog! The rest of the past week can be summed up in the photos below... wild camping, incredible views, a visit to the house where Che Guevara was brought up, lots of llamas, lots of barbecues and the odd ice cream or two!

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