From Pucón to Santiago... canyoning, karaoke and volcanoes

The full day we spent in Pucón was my favourite day of our time in South America so far. The town of Pucón itself has lots going on and has an incredible backdrop of beautiful mountains and an active volcano. Some of the braver members of our group climbed the volcano and looked into the crater. This involved crampons, gas masks and plastic sheets to slide down on... it looked terrifying! You can just about see them zigzagging up in the photo below.

Meanwhile, we took the less scary option of canyoning.

We all got together after our adventures that evening and celebrated with drinks and karaoke. Sam even sung a One Direction song to me! It was a fantastic night, I only took the one photo and it’s very blurry, but I think it sums up the vibe rather well!

The following day we started heading towards Santiago. We did a walking tour and learnt about Santiago’s history. We learnt how the Incas had told the Spanish that Chile had lots of gold and they should invade them instead, but when the Spanish got to Chile they realised the Incas were lying! We also found out about their ‘coffee with legs’ coffee shops. These are basically coffee shops where beautiful women with long legs and short dresses serve you coffee and chat to you while you drink it. They initially began in Santiago because their coffee was so bad, they needed something to distract customers from the taste! I also took the funicular railway to get a better view of Santiago.

Unfortunately, Santiago marked the end of our time with our amazing group of 22 people onboard the Dragoman truck. I have to admit, I feel a little bit like I did when I moved away from home to uni - I was so used to always seeing people I knew when I went out and about, it was very strange at first. But I’m sure we’ll stay in touch! Here are a few group photos I've stolen from other people.

We’re now on the last leg of our South American adventure... stay tuned!