Florida - Disney, Universal and ice hockey

As we landed in Florida, I felt a sense of relief I wasn't expecting. As much as I enjoyed Bolivia, the effect it had on my tummy really did make me crave Western food and good hygiene. The excitement of knowing that all public toilets would have a flush (rather than a bucket of water to 'flush it yourself') and that toilet roll could be put down the actual toilet were luxuries I had never previously considered luxuries! So to arrive at the villa Sam's parents had booked with a private pool and jacuzzi was quite the treat! Our first day was, of course, spent at the Magic Kingdom.

We spent a total of eight days at various theme parks (the Disney Parks - Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, as well as Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure).

Our favourite park was Animal Kingdom. Having missed some of the flamingos in South America after rerouting due to landslides, it was great to see these guys displaying.

The safari and jungle areas made us realise just how lucky we are to have seen so much in the wild.

Animal Kingdom is also home to the BEST ride we have ever been on: Avatar Flight of Passage. Even the queue system is immense as you can see below! The ride takes you on a 4D journey through the world that Avatar is based in and it is incredibly realistic. We went on it twice and I couldn’t stop smiling. Although set in a fictional land, a lot of the scenery reminded me of things we’ve seen over the past year and made me really appreciate all of the amazing experiences we’ve had.

Our second favourite ride was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey which is at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Universal is definitely the place to visit if you’re a Potter fan.

Although we spent most of our time in Florida at the theme parks, we also enjoyed a spot of golf (crazy golf, mini golf and a driving range) as well as a trip to an ice hockey game. I’d never been a spectator at a sports game before so it was quite an experience!

We started our year of travelling with a day at Disneyland Paris, so it seems quite fitting that we have ended up at Disney World in the last few weeks of our trip.

Sam and I spent our honeymoon in the Maldives and when we were snorkelling we thought it was just like Finding Nemo! Then when I first went to Thailand, I remember there were bits that reminded me of Disneyland. Next Sam and I went to Kenya, and it reminded us of the Lion King. There was definitely a theme where all of these amazing experiences reminded us of Disney! But what was great this time visiting Disney World was that there were so many things that reminded us of things we’ve done over the past year. It’s been a great way to sum up a great year. But we haven’t finished just yet... stay tuned to hear about our Costa Rican adventures!