Farm fun and kayaks

Although for much of the last week it has been pouring with rain, we have definitely made the most of the breaks in the weather we have had. We’ve stayed at a couple of farms and have a new appreciation of where our food comes from and the work that goes into it!

We had an amazing time at Abel Tasman National Park where we enjoyed a couple of nature walks and a kayaking tour. We saw lots of birdlife, seals and a huge stingray.

We’re just about to leave the South Island and had planned to go on a walk by Anakiwa yesterday, but unfortunately we got the van VERY stuck in the mud! I managed to source a tractor to help to pull us out (I’d only asked for a bit of cardboard), but by the time I got back to the van Sam had a whole class of teenage girls and their teachers pushing him out! We didn’t go on the walk in the end, but we had some lovely views from the mud anyway!