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Canyon camping, hanging glaciers and rafting

Despite covering 1150km in five driving days, we’ve managed to pack a lot in over the past week.  We wild camped in the middle of a canyon, I was slightly concerned as Sam found lots of bones in a cave nearby that had been left by a puma - somewhat scary!  

The following day we went to the ‘Cave of Hands’ followed by Puyuhuapi National Park where we saw the Colgante Hanging Glacier.  We enjoyed taking our time as we strolled along the river whilst looking at the flora and fauna.  They have wild fuchsia growing here.  

Next up was Futaleufu where we stayed in a beautiful cabana.

Sam enjoyed white water rafting on a grade 5 river (photos taken by the kayaking company).

We finished the week just outside of Bariloche in Argentina’s Lake District.  

A lot of Swiss and German people came to Bariloche in the 1930s and they brought their chocolate making skills with them.  Bariloche is famous for its chocolate and they made the world’s biggest Easter egg weighing 800kg!  Our time in Bariloche has consisted of eating chocolate, going to a brewery, visiting a viewpoint via cable car and kayaking in some rapids by the campsite.  

It’s been nice to have a bit of time out of the truck but we’re ready to head to our next stop now... Pucon.        

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