Sweden's West Coast


Ingrid Bergman used to spend her summers in Fjällbacka and it's easy to see why. The village is also the backdrop for many of Swedish crime writer Camilla Läckberg's books.


From the village (above), it's a rather exciting walk to the top of the rock which involves walking under three wedged boulders.


The views from the top are spectacular. We spent longer up there than expected (we got a bit lost), but the colours as the sun set were beautiful.


After Fjällbacka we had a lovely time visiting a couple of my dad's colleagues - they even cooked us a full English breakfast!

While we were there we saw some local cows who regularly make a journey across the water to an island. It was quite scary to watch, at one point we could barely see the baby cow when the water was at its deepest!

We then headed to the islands of Tjörn and Orust which were both beautiful.

If you look very closely in the photo below, you'll see the campervan hiding by the red hut...

One of the great things about van life is being able to look at the view at sunset...

... then enjoy it again the next morning.

Our final stop in Sweden was Getterön Nature Reserve, a great place for bird watching. I think this one may have spotted Sam taking its photo though...

The nature reserve has excellent facilities, you have the choice of watching the birds from indoors through the windows or from one of the hides.

If you're thinking of visiting Getterön, it might be best to visit the hides during the day. We returned in the evening and found the hut was being used for something rather different (an activity that we don't think the birdwatching community would be best pleased about!)

In our initial plan, we were aiming to spend a week in Sweden. Having spent three weeks here, we still feel like we haven't done it justice! Once again, we're sad to be leaving a country on this trip. But we'll just have to come back again, won't we?!