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After 'bear night', we were so tired that we treated ourselves to a last minute deal at Ounasvaara Chalets, complete with our own sauna! We had a visitor the next morning...

The staff at the chalets were excellent and the lady at reception gave us some great tips on where to go next on our journey.

This took us to Urho Kekkonen National Park, where we did the Iisakkipää trail. Some of the pine trees there were almost 800 years old.

Finland was a great place for wild camping and we found some beautiful places to spend the night. It was surprisingly warm considering we were in the Arctic. Although we were too late for the midnight sun, I don't think we've ever cast such long shadows!

The lady at the chalets had told us that it was autumn already in northern Finland, and she wasn't wrong. It was quite bizarre driving into autumn in a day! The journey offered some beautiful scenery, and a few hazards on the road...

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