After a couple of days exploring Estonia's national parks, waterfalls and coast, we headed into Tallinn. Considering it's the capital and Estonia's biggest city, we were amazed to find a beautiful wild camping spot just half an hour away from the centre. We were treated to a beautiful sunrise with changing colours.

Sunrise Estonia
Sunrise Tallinn
Wild camping Estonia

In comparison with Riga and Warsaw, Tallinn was much busier and 'touristy', but it is a beautiful city. We were able to see the city from above by climbing the 232 steps of St Olaf's church tower.

It's a great opportunity to see the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral from afar.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

In addition to the medieval buildings of Tallinn's old town, lots of shops, market stalls and restaurants have a medieval theme.

The face above will apparently protect the person drinking from the cup from being poisoned!

With its location, Tallinn is a popular spot for cruise ships and large group tours. We had just sat on a bench in a quiet park to admire the view and a couple of minutes later this was our view...

So if you're planning a trip to Tallinn, expect to see some beautiful buildings, to pay tourist prices and to allow time to work around the big group tours.

They got us though... Sam is now the proud owner of a drinking horn!