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Neuschwanstein Castle and Bürgerfest

After a 45 minute hike up a rather steep hill, we got to Marienbrücke Bridge (along with hundreds of other tourists) to get this view of Neuschwanstein Castle. The castle is on a hill with a river running below. I stitched a few photos together below to give a better idea of the view from the bridge...

There are various other views of the castle, one on the way up...

... one from the road...

... and one from a short walk up from the bridge.

As long as you go there expecting it to be extremely touristy, it's worth a visit.

From the castle we drove an hour to a free aire in Peiting and found out that it was the Bürgerfest weekend, what a result!

Some of the locals were in traditional Bavarian dress. There are many shops in the area that sell dirndls and lederhosen and we were surprised to find that staff in McDonalds also wear them!

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