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Switzerland and Lake Maggiore

Despite the fact we went to Chamonix to drive through the Mont Blanc tunnel, we changed our minds when we found out how much it was to take the campervan. With hindsight of how steep the alternative route was it may have been better to just pay the money, but hey-ho, we got to see a bit of Switzerland!

The first place on our itinerary for Italy was Lake Maggiore, which actually took us back into Switzerland! We went a little further north to Lavertezzo (in the photo below), but unfortunately it was a little too much for the van! At 38 degrees, Amelie was far too warm and we had to have the heating on full blast so she wouldn't overheat.

After a wild camp that night, I was in desperate need of a campsite and we found a great spot in Italy that was perfect for paddleboarding at Camping Lido di Monvalle...

VW T3 paddleboard
SUP Lake Maggiore
Red Paddle Co Lake Maggiore

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