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Gorges du Tarn

After finding a nice wild camping spot in the Gorges du Tarn, we wandered 50 yards down the road to find this...

This hamlet is inaccessible by road, and so their postbox is on a zip wire on the opposite side of the river! We saw quite a few of these while we were there. This one is still in use, we saw a delivery van stop the next morning and later the box was on the other side.

We didn't have the best weather whilst we were in the gorge, so rather than doing the whole drive in one day, we split it up so that we could see the gorge when it wasn't tipping it down. And are we glad we made that decision! We woke on Sam's birthday and headed into Sainte-Enimie.

After buying a baguette, we drove along and stopped off at a layby overlooking the river to have lunch. As we were there, an English man pulled up on his motorbike, asked what our plans were and invited us to stay on his land by the river! Having spent most of our time in the gorge looking for somewhere to wild camp by the river but having no luck because the land there is mainly privately owned, this was a bit of a result! Little did we know how good that offer was...

What a view!

Introducing Andy and Clare...

Like some of the other people we've met on our trip, we were overwhelmed by their kindness! Not only did Andy and Clare let us stay on their land for free, we were able to do our washing and shower (woohoo) and they shared their wine, gave us eggs (we also tried our first quail eggs) and homegrown cherries and they even gave Sam birthday cake and a homemade card!! We had been struggling to get the right oil for the van, but as they have a (proper) VW campervan, they had oil there and let us have enough to do the oil change!

Andy and Clare's house is in the background of the photo above, but they have a huge amount of land and own a gîte as well. You can see the gîte (and their 'proper' campervan as I call it) in the photo below. If you're interested in staying there, check out their website. We will definitely be going back when we can!

We loved Andy and Clare's story - they have been together for a couple of years and were on holiday in the Gorges du Tarn last year when decided they should have a 10 year plan to move there. Out of interest, they had a look at house prices while they were on holiday and found this place. They put their house on the market while they were away and have already done so much to their new home!

They also have a stretch of private river beach, so we did a spot of snorkelling...

There is so much to do in the Gorges du Tarn, we were on a bit of a tight schedule this time so didn't get a chance to do everything, but we're pleased really as it means we have an excuse to holiday here in a couple of years!