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Flamingos and rice fields in Spain, Delta de l’Ebre Natural Park

After driving past miles of rice fields, our hunt for the greater flamingo began. We were not disappointed.

You can just about make out the flamingos in the photo below - this doesn't even begin to show how many there were though!

We even saw some young flamingos...

We noticed a lot of flamingo 'couples' mirroring each other's movements in a sort of dance...

The Delta de l’Ebre Natural Park doesn't just have flamingos, it is a bird watcher's paradise. We saw purple herons, glossy ibises, and a hoopoe.

Above: glossy ibis, below: hoopoe.

When hoopoes land, their crowns are rather like a mohawk! You can just about see it in the photo below. We didn't quite get close enough and it was quite dark though...