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Free camping in southern Spain

We’ve stayed in some great wild camping spots and free aires so far. Some of them we just come across, others we find through doing a bit of research. We thought it would be useful to share some of the sites, books and apps we’ve used so far: - we stayed by the beach in Tarifa thanks to a tip from a fellow traveller and this website. Beautiful beach, a windsurfing mecca with a fantastic bar – Bar Waves.
T25 campervan beach wild camping
All the Aires – we bought the book and have found it really useful. One of the aires was right next to the beach and we arrived just in time to watch the sunset.
Sunset, All the Aires
We enjoyed views of thousands of olive trees from this aire in Cazorla…
Campercontact – we use the Motorhome Parkings app, but information is available on the website too. - great free stops all over Europe
Some of the best spots have been places we’ve just driven past though, like these amazing spots in El Chorro…

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