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Sevilla in 24 hours

Top 5 things to do in Sevilla on a budget

We had a grand total of 24 hours in Sevilla, but we managed to pack lots in. Here are our top five tips for a day in Sevilla on a budget...

1) Visit the Plaza de España (free).

Plaza de España
One day in Seville
Top 5 things to do in Sevilla on a budget

The Plaza takes up a huge 50,000 square metres and the colourful ceramic details make this place pretty different. There is an alcove dedicated to each province of Spain.

Plaza de Espana ceramics

Film fact: the Plaza de España featured in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002).

2) Walk around the cathedral. Although there is only one section of the cathedral that you can enter for free, the cathedral exterior and the surrounding buildings are beautiful.

24 hours in Seville
TV fact: the Alcázar of Seville (entrance opposite the cathedral) featured in Game of Thrones.
Alcázar of Seville
3) Go on a Monday! We arrived in Sevilla late on Sunday and it was packed. Monday was extremely quiet in comparison and the city also has numerous offers for tourists where you can get free entry to various attractions. You do need to book in advance for most of them though.
4) Food and drink… have an orange juice! I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and it’s the best orange juice I’ve ever had. A freshly squeezed orange juice will set you back around 2 euros. We also enjoyed tapas for dinner. 6 dishes and 2 glasses of wine came to under 20 euros for two of us.

5) Walk around the Parque de María Luisa. It’s full of beautiful flowers, huge trees (the tallest palm trees I’ve ever seen) and various birds. We were even lucky enough to see an owl in the evening. As you walk through the park and the surrounding area, you’ll see the Arabic influences in the architecture.

So there are our top 5 tips for 24 hours in Sevilla on a budget! We just came across these things by wandering around without a plan. So many of the buildings have such intricate details, the city is clean, and the vibe is very relaxed as far as cities go, so you can’t go wrong really.

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