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Boardwalks, Island Paddleboarding and Portuguese Aires

Boardwalk Cascais

The boardwalk just outside of Cascais is great for a bit of nature spotting and also leads to a five star hotel that serves great hot chocolate. While we were there we did overhear someone staying there complaining about all of the motorhomes outside though... thankfully this didn't include us for a change!

The view the other side of the hotel was lovely though.

There were some lovely wild flowers along the boardwalk.

Portugal boardwalk

The next day we drove into the night but were rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

We didn't quite make it as far as we had planned to, and followed signs to an aire in Alferce. What a find this was! Free toilets, free hot showers, free clothes washing facilities and even free access to a swimming pool! We were in good company too...

t25 campervans

It was a short drive from Alferce to Mount Foia - the highest point in the Algarve.

Mount Foia

After a couple of days, we headed to Albufeira da Barragem do Arade where we paddled to a couple of islands and stayed overnight.

Paddleboarding Albufeira da Barragem do Arade
Albufeira da Barragem do Arade Island
Albufeira da Barragem do Arade

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