Torre de Moncorvo

As it's been a highlight of the trip so far, I thought I'd tell you a bit more about Torre de Moncorvo (the friendliest village in the world).

Moncorvo hosts a number of events each year, the biggest being their Medieval festival. We just missed it this year, but it sounds amazing! They also have a wine festival where you buy a glass for 2 euros and get refills of all the wines on offer.

Moncorvo is rich with history and our new Couchsurfing friend Frango taught us a lot while we were there.

In this view from the main square, you can see two staircases. Previously, the rich would use the right hand staircase and the poor would use the left. The fountain used to provide water to the village, coming straight down from the mountains. The richer houses had their own gutters which provided water to their servants' quarters so that water could be brought to them.

The building of the church started in the fifteenth century and was completed in the early seventeenth century and is well worth a visit.

Moncorvo have made the most of their old railway line and have turned it into an 'ecopista' which we cycled along. It's a great way of exploring some of the local wildlife.

Bee eaters.

Finally, if you do go to Moncorvo, be sure to pay Frango a visit at his restaurant!