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After pushing Amelie a little too hard at Cares, we gave her a day off and made the most of my parents visiting in a car that doesn't hate mountain roads quite so much!

The road from Covadonga to the lakes is 12.6km with a height gain of 1056m. The last section has an average gradient of 15%, so we were very glad not to be in the van!

The glacial lakes at the top were well worth the trip up.

The word 'Covadonga' comes from the Old Germanic 'Cofa Ðunga' which translates as 'Cave of Gratitude', and you can see why they chose this name for the village...

As well as the Santa Cueva de Covadonga (above), there is also also a large Catholic church, the Basílica de Santa María la Real de Covadonga (below) which is currently hosting an exhibition on Mother Teresa.

To get to Covadonga, you will pass through Cangas de Onís. If you're looking for a good gift shop, Cangas is the place to go! They also have a big bridge with some weirdos at the top...

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