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Gorge walk from Cares

It‘s difficult to capture the gorge walk on camera as everything is just so big (the mountains rise to nearly 2000 meters) and there are brilliant views in every direction. When researching the walk, a 6 foot 3 man had written a review titled ‘Fine if you’re a midget’, so we were somewhat concerned about going with my dad who is 6 foot 6. However, the sections through the mountains were quite short so it wasn’t too much of a problem.

The gorge trail runs along the River Cares.

There is also a ‘rapid canal’ (below) that carries water from the River Cares to be used to generate hydroelectric power. This was the reason that the route was carved out initially in 1916.

Mum braving the bridge… it’s a long way down!

There were some lovely wild flowers along the way too.

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