Our first and last mountain pass

My uncle suggested we walk the Ruta des Cares – an amazing gorge hike. What we hadn’t realised was that he probably did the journey there on his motorbike… taking Amelie on the San Gloria Pass then onto the single track mountain road to Cain was a little scary to say the least! With hairpin bends, 20% gradients and an overheated van, we had to stop a few times en-route. However, we were rewarded with the most amazing views we’ve ever seen on a drive. We felt like we were driving through every season. Our day started in Treceño with my parents who are visiting for a week. We stopped off in Potes before the ‘proper’ drive began.

Driving out of Potes, there were lush green fields.

The higher we climbed, the more interesting the rock formations were.

Further on, the rocks appeared to be covered in a green lichen.

Then came the snow, and wow was there a lot of it! I loved the shadows of the trees on the snow. Unfortunately there wasn’t anywhere to pull over to take photos, so I’ve had to make do with the ones I took as we were moving along.

Then we jumped back a couple of seasons to autumn, through a town and onto some more crazy bends.

What happened next was the scariest road I’ve ever been on! With no way of knowing if anything was coming the other way, and rock face on one side and a steep drop to a raging river on the other, we were very pleased not to meet anyone else!

Our next blog will be about the walk itself and our time in Asturias.