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Alto Campoo

After wild camping in the ski station car park, we woke up to a very frozen van (on the inside as well as the outside!) But it was totally worth it to be ready to get on the slopes as they opened.

What was really nice about skiing at the end of the season was that there was quite a lot of greenery in the distance - something I've never seen when skiing in the past.

In other news, our windscreen is fixed (woohoo)! Getting the van repaired here meant we spent longer in this area than initially anticipated, but we are so glad we have. We met some brilliant couchsurfing hosts, learnt a lot about Spanish history, surfed in the sea, paddleboarded in an estuary, hiked with bears, rock climbed by a beach as well as in the mountains and finished off with skiing - who would've thought all of these things would be possible in the space of a week and a half in the same area?! If you're looking for an adventure holiday location, the north of Spain should be on your list!

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