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France to Spain and the continuous windscreen saga…

We left Rocamadour with our broken windscreen and promptly realised that our headlights were broken (again). A quick stop for Sam to clean the corrosion off of the main headlight earth and we were on our way. We drove through Saint Cirque Lapopie, another beautiful village set in a mountain which will appear on our first video, and Sam filled up our water supply for free on the way while I helpfully took photos of the van!

We stopped off at an aire overnight then headed to Bayonne the next day. The plan was to get our windscreen fixed the following morning then go surfing, but Carglass said they were unable to change the windscreen as there wasn’t enough window frame left because of all the rust. So we’re going to see how it goes, but we may end up having to get some welding done en-route. The weather was absolutely rubbish, so we made the decision to drive straight to Spain. Two differences between France and Spain surprised us soon after we crossed the border… firstly, the fuel is SO CHEAP here in Spain! And secondly, the lorry drivers are so much nicer to us! Pulling out onto busy roads in France was really difficult as people rarely pulled into the outside lane to let us in, and when we don’t have much power that can be tricky. But so far, the drivers in Spain have been really helpful. Starting as we mean to go on, we headed straight to the Rioja wine region where the roads are lined with grapevines… or as I like to call them, ‘wine trees’.

Coming up in the next blog... the Muga winery tour.

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