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Château de Chambord

We arrived at Château de Chambord just after it closed – this was perfect timing as it meant the sun was shining on our view of the château from the campervan car park. At 11 euros for 24 hour parking, it’s quite a view!

After a chilly start (the condensation on the van windows from breathing during the night had actually frozen), we went into the château and were amazed at the architecture. At the centre of the keep are two intertwined winding staircases – designed so that the servants would be out of sight. I managed to see one anyway…

Below you can see the view from the bottom of both staircases looking up.

From the top of the château we could see Amelie (hidden behind the trees in the top left of this photo) and the fairytale-like details of the castle.

What I really like about Château de Chambord is the symmetry. The rooms in the keep are equally split, and if you were to divide the rest of the castle into six squares, each square would be the same size as the keep. Here’s a handy fire escape map to show you what I mean!

The other thing I loved was that some of the staircases were very Labyrinth-esque!

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