Bothy hunting in England

Having visited a bothy or two in Scotland, I thought I would investigate whether we could stay in a bothy on our trip to Devon. The Mountain Bothies Association defines bothies as being shelters that, 'with the permission and support of the owners... are unlocked and are available for anyone to use'. Now the bothy I found in Devon doesn't quite fall within that definition, but it wasn't far off. Introducing Foreland Bothy:

A long, winding and steep private road eventually leads to Foreland Bothy, with Lynmouth/Countisbury Foreland Lighthouse being at the very end of the road. Over the three days we were there, we saw one group of people walk past and two cars drive past.

A bothy is very much 'no frills' accommodation. There was a wooden platform that we could put our camping mats and sleeping bags on, we also had cold running water and a compost toilet in a building outside.

Foreland Bothy is really secluded, to give you a bit of an idea of just how secluded, here's a couple of photos of the bothy from both sides...

Above, it's just to the left of the middle, between the hills.

Below, it's to the left of the top of the last visible part of the road.

Foreland Bothy isn't quite free to stay in, but at £25 a night, it's not bad! You can book to stay via the National Trust website. We took some videos on our phones of the drive down to the bothy having left the drone at home for this trip, but it really didn't do it justice, so if you want to see more, we'd recommend you check out Altitude 58 Media Company's video. If you do go, look out for the Exmoor ponies!