Wild camping in Scotland

One of the best things about taking your campervan to Scotland is that you can spend the night just about anywhere for free! Unlike in England, wild camping is allowed and there are very few places with 'no overnight parking' signs. Over the two weeks we spent in Scotland, we didn't have to pay for a single campsite. Here are some of the views we enjoyed from our camping spots...

Above was our personal favourite at Sheigra. From here we were able to paddleboard and climb!

Above and below are the views from both sides of our campervan in a random layby we found.

The next few photos are all from the evening/morning we spent at Loch Garten. We had to make sure we only paddled in the middle of the lock as there were birds nesting at the sides.

After the fog cleared the water was like a mirror.

As always, we stuck to the code of leaving no trace - this is important everywhere we go but this was a particularly special place as there are ospreys nesting nearby. We were also lucky enough to see a pine martin and a red squirrel from our campervan! Nature at its finest.