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Paddleboarding on the River Medway and the River Beult

We've been paddleboarders for a couple of years now, so we've tried out a few different rivers (and the sea). We paddle on the River Medway most of the time and it's lovely to see everything change with the seasons. My favourite season to paddle on the Medway is autumn, I think you'll be able to see why...

There are a number of smaller rivers that run off of the Medway, we enjoyed exploring the River Beult but there are a couple of waterfalls that can be a bit tricky to navigate!

The River Medway is beautiful all year round though, from the daffodils in spring to the grazing sheep in the summer, right through to the crisp reflections in the winter...

Above - my mum paddling past the daffodils in spring.

Below - Sam making friends with the sheep in summer.

A Christmas paddle on the River Medway at Tonbridge in December.

There are plenty of sights to see on the Medway. The Medway Canoe Trail starts at Tonbridge Castle and passes through Teston, East Farleigh, Maidstone and Allington. It is 29km long and it features a number of locks. There is a brilliant guide to the Medway Canoe Trail available here.

Above, Maidstone. Below, getting on the train with my inflatable paddleboard so that I can do a one-way-paddle.

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